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Welcome to our website. We hope that in the following texts we will be able to provide you with a little more knowledge and clarity about the topic of  “Environment”




The following articles will show you step by step how bad the current status of our environment is. For the most part, we are involved in the problem of primary and rainforest deforestation, but also hope that you can develop more understanding of the environment in the other areas.




Man has to change extremely!




The jungle and rainforest alone represent a huge problem. Every year, hundreds of thousands of acres of rainforest are cleared. The large "jungle giants" are unquestionably felled and sold on the black market. Later on it comes as weather-proof teak and Bankira wood in our stores. The shrubbery is burned down and leaves behind a destroyed forest. These cleared areas will be used as plantations for oil palm, soy and much more. In addition cattle are often kept on the huge cleared surfaces. For all these things, however, it is not the case that brownfields are used in the jungle, but forest is cleared, since the jungle giants can still be sold profitably and thus the cost of clearing and planting can be reintroduced. On these plantations a monoculture emerges which is not a comparison to the variety of the rainforest. 20-30 million animals and plant species are so acutely threatened and soon, when humanity does not change. In the plantations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, America, etc., still living Orang-utans who have survived the clearing have been carelessly shot and as far as their offspring that have survived, they are sold to a zoo. However, zoo is not as civilized as it is here. Often, the animals are compelled to perform "tricks" and shows such as bicycling. They are often beaten and do not live happy.




Another problem is the poaching. Animals are illegally slaughtered by poachers and sold as bush meat (meat of exotic animals). Tigers, bears and many other animals are said to have healing miracles, which means that the bony teeth or horns should be salubrious, for example increasing in rhinoceros. However, these effects are not clinically proven, nor have successes been recorded. The traditional Chinese medicine uses thus the illegally killed rare animals (and also plants). Other animals, however, are also caught or killed only for their fur such as wolves, minks and much more. Skins from which then, for example, a mink coat is made, up to 40-60 minks have to leave their lives. We can not show richness at all, at most tastelessness. In Alaska, for example, the bear is often killed only because of its bile, which brings good money on the black market. The rest of the bear (almost the whole bear) is simply left behind in the wilderness. Gorilla, tiger and e.g. Mandrill trophies are often sold to symbolize the hunter's courage.




Another problem is the climate, which the rainforest plays a major role in, because it is the "green lung" of the earth. It keeps the world climate stable. Without it, the world's climate will drastically change, and not for the better, because the greenhouse effect of the factories, cars and aircraft is as high as never before. Climate change is at about 2 ° C. A global warming of this scale would have led to a rise in the sea level and thus the decline of low-lying islands such as the Maldivesm(the highest point of which is only 2.3m above sea level), shallow ports, as well as the City of New York. The periods of drought and monsoon rainfall would be prolonged, causing more death (in the affected regions). Still, this is a "would", "have", "should", but the first signs show up already at the poles and in the deserts. And soon, if we do not change, this will come. And that very soon, in 10 years, this is no longer stopping still right now we can move something.




Many plants have become extinct recently. In order to prevent the occurrence of more natural catastrophes such as tsunamis, typhoons, earthquakes, droughts, floods, etc., and mankind may be wholly eradicated by this, we must do something together and help nature !!!